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       Nafeesah Hope is an experienced celebrity makeup artist, content creator, & multi-media image consultant. Hope has been coined a modern day Renaissance woman due to the ability to assess, compliment, improve, & effectively align each client's desired goal(s) through co-creation & imagination. 


HAPi DollHouse Production was created by Hope to empower diversity & inclusion of all ages, ethnicities, creed, & gender (across the globe). Hope's artistic passion and connections within the media industry has allowed her to establish a successful business & stay control of her brand by embracing & respecting the supreme power of positive self- imagery, positive words, & brilliant creative concepts. 

If you are interested in co-creating with Nafeesah Hope or any of her "HAPi Dolls" in regards to executing your special vision in multi-media, corporate/executive workshops, makeup parties, hair/makeup tutorials, or applications- Please do check out our calendar. 


Nothing is to big, small or out of the ordinary for HAPi DollHouse Production to achieve what you want, call/text NOW! (860) 682-4418 or, (860) 591-9864 

Creative Director & Business Owner

  Speak words of beauty & you will be beautiful.